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Christopher G. Bokas

Attorney Christopher Bokas handles all felonies and misdemeanors, including white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, drug offenses, parol and probation violations, drunk driving, and traffic violations. Mr. Bokas has ample experience trying jury and bench trials, and handles his cases with great care and professionalism. Each of his clients is given individual attention and all the time and effort necessary to bring about a favorable result.
This is essential, because there is no substitute for thorough preparation. Mr. Bokas examines all facets of his cases, looks at all the evidence, and researches the applicable law before deciding on a proper defense and strategy. All decisions are shared with the client, as team efforts are highly valued.
I practice in the federal courts, and all the state courts in the Philadelphia and suburban area. including common pleas court, municipal courts and magisterial district courts.
Mr. Bokas graduated from Temple University in 1970 with a degree in political science, with honors, and attended the University of Baltimore from which he graduated in 1974 with a law degree. He immediately undertook the practice of law with enthusiasm and a sense of mission to right wrings and bring about justice for his clients.
Mr. Bokas is a member of numorous legal and civic organizations, including The Pennsylvania and Deleware County Bar Associations. He is also active in The Pan Epirotic Society, for which he has served as legal advisor, as well as The Pan Macedonian Society.
He has been serving the community for 39 years as a practitioner and a trial lawyer, with an emphasis on criminal law. Mr. Bokas practices criminal law in all levels of the Pennsylvania state, county, and local courts as well as in the United States District Court.
Christopher G. Bokas


The Facts of Law +

Legal facts are the information on which lawyers base all of their arguments, so that they can win cases in the courts of law. The often present evidence during trials to help prove their facts. In the long run it is up to the lawyers of both sides to prove to the jury that their side is right.

Adjudication frequently turns on contested issues of fact, which must be determined either by juries or judges. People are currently conducting a study to determine just how cultural values influence public relations and their view points.

Copyright law is an often misunderstood concept for a lot of people to grasp. The key thing to note when dealing with any copyrighted information is to always get the authors permission and make sure that you get that in writing as well.

Keep it simple. Clearly the more details you can use make your case seem more interesting to read, but from a technical viewpoint it can cloud a case. Make sure that you only use excellent and precise data that clearly represents the point that you are trying to make. Nothing more and nothing less. Get to the point.